Who We Are

USAID USAID CIDI is an education organization that is focused on effective public donations in support of disaster relief. Created by the U.S. Agency for International Development in 1988, USAID CIDI works with the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA), which leads and coordinates the U.S. government's humanitarian assistance efforts overseas.

Fast Facts

  • 971,000

    Somalis experiencing crisis and emergency levels of acute food insecurity #SomaliCrisis
  • 600

    Families affected by Typhoon Rammasun that were able to return home after USAID provided $150,000 to World Vision. #TyphoonRammasunAid

Happy International Mother Earth Day! No longer a day that evokes images traditional hippies at the first celebration in 1970, it is now a globally coordinated day celebrating support for environmental protection in more than 192 countries. This has meant wide scale efforts to curb deforestation in Brazil, address desertification in China, and build global responsibility around CO2 emissions. . These charitable and humanitarian instincts among Earth Day activists are not unlike what we at CIDI find in those wishing to alleviate suffering in the wake of natural disasters. We are inundated with calls, email, and other inquiries about how concerned Americans can help disaster-affected people. Many times, compassionate people turn to their own pantries and closets, packing clothes and household items with a heart full of hope that a disaster survivor will happily open the box on the other end. While well-intended, collections that are not coordinated with a relief ...

Tools for Effective Giving

  • Greatest Good Calculator

    sending bottled water overseas can be 1,000x more expensive than producing drinkable water locally

  • Disaster Relief Toolkit

    download tools to effectively communicate the benefits of monetary donations

  • 2015 PSAID Winners

    PSAid contestants submit compelling PSAs encouraging Americans to practice Smart Compassion when helping people affected by emergencies overseas