One of USAID CIDI’s main goals is to increase public awareness about donations by empowering donors on how to effectively help people affected by disasters. Through the following activities, we aim to support donors and aid organizations as they work together to provide essential relief to survivors.

Increasing Public Awareness

Through strategic engagement and targeted outreach, CIDI disseminates information, shares research, and provides resources to various entities. These include diaspora groups, federal and local governments, religious and community groups, businesses, non-profit organizations, and diplomatic communities across the United States.

Engaging with Diaspora Communities

In the wake of disasters, many diaspora groups want to donate generously and offer assistance to people in their home countries.. Before, during, and after crises, CIDI builds networks and relationships with diaspora communities and embassies in order to help ensure that their donations efforts are timely, organized, and effective.

Disaster Donations Support

After a major disaster, CIDI—at the direction of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance— can activate a hotline service to answer questions from the public and give guidance on how to donate effectively. We also train the volunteers who answer the phones, providing guidance and resources for them to enable others to be a useful and valuable participant in relief efforts.

PSAid Contest

We also support an annual PSAid Contest that calls on college students across the United States to create public service announcements (PSAs) that illustrate why monetary donations are the most effective way to support international disaster relief. The winning PSAs are distributed to television, print, and online media outlets nationwide.