Valentine’s Day is here! What’s your plan? Giving flowers or sweets to that special someone? Surprising friends?


It’s not only about the gifts, though. Valentine’s Day is more than a commercial holiday. It is a day set aside to think beyond one’s self and give something that has a positive impact on those around you. This could extend way beyond the traditional chocolate and roses.  Your Valentine’s Day gift can be giving a supportive ear or shoulder to a friend who really needs it.  It can involve being a little nicer to strangers by holding a door open or offering a seat on the bus. Just as you do when you donate for disaster relief or to a charity, you pay attention to those around you, listen to their needs, and respond to those needs with compassion.

If you’re scrambling for a last minute item for a special someone or want to do some good on Valentine’s Day, you have many more options than the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates. You can give anything that leaves a positive impression and creates a ripple effect of kindness and compassion.

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