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Get the scoop on international disaster donations and advice on what you can do to help save lives.

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After disasters strike, “Cash is Best” messaging is widely published and circulated. See our latest media mentions and interviews.

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Need some guidance on how to help in the face of #COVID-19? @FidelityChrtbl and @funds4disaster identified critical areas where your giving can make the biggest difference. Learn more here

#DYK there are organizations that rate and vet charities so that you can give with confidence? @CharityNav does all the hard work for you so that you can support the organizations & people supporting pandemic containment and response. Learn more ➡️

Le Directeur de la @pwoteksyonSivil participe cet après midi à 4h PM, à une discussion virtuelle autour de la préparation de la Saison Cyclonique 2020 ds le contexte de la pandémie #COVID19.

Cet espace d'échange et de pratique se réalisera sous le leadership de la @CIDIoutreach.

In a crisis, the most marginalized members of a community are impacted the hardest. During this pandemic, the closure of businesses and services have exacerbated the need. @Forbes created a guide on how to give to the people that need it most.

When disasters strike, diaspora communities around the 🌎 are active in relief efforts. But how can we #hurricaneprep, esp during a pandemic? Our own Doug S. & Daniela V. join @IOM & @pwoteksyonsivil TODAY @ 4pm EST for a #Haiti #diaspora virtual townhall to discuss. #COVID_19

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