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Get the scoop on international disaster donations and advice on what you can do to help save lives.

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After disasters strike, “Cash is Best” messaging is widely published and circulated. See our latest media mentions and interviews.

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@USAIDSavesLives @CIDIoutreach Indeed. The best things people can do to help is to donate money - rather than goods - to a trustworthy organization working on the ground. WFP's explains:

The #TongaVolcano eruptions + tsunami devastated the country. If you want to help, please listen to @CIDIoutreach's advice: 🚫Don't send material goods (like bottled water / canned food). The BEST way to help is to send cash 💵💳 donations to relief orgs on the ground #CashIsBest

Nearly the entire population of Tonga was affected by the recent volcano eruptions and tsunami. If you want to help, our website has more information on how you can make a difference. Please remember #CashIsBest

After natural disasters like #TongaVolcano & tsunami waves that affected #Tonga, you may feel compelled to help. But please remember, the best way to help relief efforts is by giving monetary donations to professional aid groups on the ground. #CashIsBest

Civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once famously asked, "What are you doing for others?" Today, as many people in the U.S. observe @MLKDay and honor his legacy through acts of service, we want to know, How do you serve? #MLKDay #MLKDay2022

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