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After disasters strike, “Cash is Best” messaging is widely published and circulated. See our latest media mentions and interviews.

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As the world watches #Lebanon reel from devastating explosions in #Beirut , many want to #volunteer to help survivors. But before you make travel plans ✈️, consider whether your good intentions will help- or hinder- international response efforts.

NEWS: 🇺🇸 is providing >$15 million in humanitarian aid in response to #Lebanon_Explosion to support:
🔹 food assistance for 50K ppl
🔹 ⚕️ supplies and 💊 for 60K ppl
🔹 emergency medical assistance
@USAIDSavesLives has updates

HELP FOR #LEBANON: A catastrophic explosion caused widespread damage to Lebanon’s capital city #Beirut. @USAToday has info on what @USAIDSavesLives is doing + 7 organizations responding to the emergency that you can support:

NEWS: @USAID is responding to catastrophic explosions in #Lebanon by providing health & humanitarian support for Lebanon’s emergency response. Our disaster experts are in close coordination w/ @USEmbassyBeirut, Lebanese authorities & partners on the ground. Stay tuned for updates

HELP AFTER A HURRICANE: Did you know relief orgs can provide safe 💧 to 32K people for one day for the SAME COST of shipping one 6-pack of bottled water to a disaster site?

Our website shares how you can best help after a hurricane: #cashisbest

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