The worst in-kind donations

Here are the winners from the stories submitted for the worst in-kind donation contest (related post: What is an in-kind donation). You may have your own personal favorites, all submissions can be read here, please feel free to add more. Thanks to everyone that submitted their stories!

The most common in-kind donation

Shoes of all sorts; soccer shoes, running shoes, flip flops, etc… (see post for why this might not be a good donation)

The most ridiculous in-kind donation

Knickers for Africa and bras for Haiti – recent requests were made for donations of both of these items recently by two different organizations

The grossest in-kind donation

Used soap from hotels are collected and sent to Uganda

Worst in-kind donation as a tax write-off

Skeleton shaped suckers leftover from Halloween sent to survivors of Hurricane Mitch

Worst in-kind donation as a political stunt

Spam (spiced ham) hand delivered by a US Senator to Muslims after the tsunami (this donation was also a contestant for the next category)

Most offensive in-kind donation

The offer of what was perceived as dog food to Kenya to help with their food crisis –

In-kind donation that wasted the most recipient time

This was a toss-up between a broken computer that the recipient organization spent years trying to fix or the 15 pallets of random medicine sent after Hurricane Mitch. Critical time was wasted sorting through the medicine and throwing 3/4 of it away.

Most dangerous in-kind donation

Baby formula donated after Hurricane Mitch – if mixed with contaminated water could kill a baby from diarrhea within 24 hours.

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