One More Reason to Love Fridays at 5

We love Fridays ☺ and are particularly fond of Fridays at 5 p.m. So imagine our delight when we heard about Friday5, a crowd-funding nonprofit that converts those happy Friday vibes into donations for seriously good causes. Through Friday5’s subscription model, users automatically donate $5 every Friday to a charity that’s carefully vetted and selected by Friday5. At the end of each year, every user will have donated to 52 different charities, a painless way to make a difference in thousands of lives while amping your charitable street cred, for a cost somewhere between a mocha latte and a mojito. Such a deal!

Rebuilding communities post-disaster takes years, so it is uber-helpful to give to reputable charitable organizations year-round, including and after an initial call-to-action. You can commit to a favorite charity and give weekly on your own, but if slacker philanthropy is your style, Friday5 is for you. Check out your new giving partners at