About the Crisis

While major military operations against ISIS in Iraq have ended, two million people remain displaced and 8.7 million people – almost one-third of the country’s population – are in need of aid inside Iraq. Many of those who are still displaced have reported concerns about returning home due to continuing violence, insecurity, and lack of access to basic services and jobs.

The United States stresses the importance of safe, voluntary, and dignified returns of all displaced Iraqis, and will continue to work with our partners and Iraqi officials to coordinate humanitarian aid to help families returning home.

Humanitarian organizations are providing lifesaving assistance and working to address the urgent needs of Iraqis affected by the crisis. These groups are supporting vital health care programs, providing critical psycho-social support and emergency food assistance, rehabilitating shelters for displaced Iraqis, and airlifting relief supplies such as blankets, water containers, kitchen sets and hygiene kits.

U.S. Response

More information on the U.S. government’s humanitarian response to Iraq, including past fact sheets and maps, can be found here.

How You Can Help

  • Send cash donations to reputable relief organizations working on the ground.
  • Cash donations enable aid groups to purchase relief supplies close to disaster site, which ensures that commodities are fresh, culturally appropriate, and less expensive to transport.
  • Cash donations can stimulate the local economy.
  • Cash allows aid groups to spend more time saving lives than managing unsolicited donations.
  • Detailed information on how relief organizations use cash donations can be found at: GiveWell, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and the Better Business Bureau.

Response Updates

Additional Resources

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