Technical Assistance

Before Continuing, Please Read Below

  • Candidates with the best chance of being selected have language fluency, 5-10 years of disaster relief experience, and expertise in a relevant technical field.
  • Successful candidates will also have experience or an affiliation with a relief agency working in-country, an up-to-date immunization record and passport, and several weeks to several months of availability.
  • To learn more, check out Volunteering After a Disaster

Privacy Statement

Note: entry is required where field says required

Please clarify whether you are offering voluntary services or you expect to be paid. If the latter, do you expect payment to cover expenses, a single fee for service, a salary or a combination?

VolunteerSalary OnlyExpenses OnlySalary and Expenses


Please describe your experience working in disaster-affected areas, including countries and technical focus.

Please avoid using other, if possible. Otherwise, please describe your category of skills in two or three words at the top of the Service/Skills field below.

Please explain briefly why you feel that your background enables you to contribute constructively to a disaster response.

You must have a valid passport to be considered for deployments overseas.


By checking “yes” you are giving CIDI permission to share information you have provided with US governmental and non-governmental organizations working in disaster-affected areas who may be seeking skilled volunteers. If you check “no” your information will not be shared, and will be deleted from the database.


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