Commodity Assistance

Before Continuing, Please Read Below
The greatest opportunity for a successful offer will demonstrate the following:

  • A credible source has identified an unmet need for the items being offered.
  • An organization prepared to manage and distribute the items has been identified and contacted.
  • Costs of transportation, shipping, warehousing, and distribution are covered.
  • Costs and management of customs tariffs and other cross-border requirements are covered.
  • All quality assurance requirements from host government and the recipient are met and available for disclosure.

Privacy Statement

Note: entry is required where field says required


Will the company provide transport to the nearest airport.


It is recommended that the Company agree to allow non-governmental agencies to access the information related to the offer. If not, the information will not be added to the database.

Avoid using Other if possible. Otherwise describe the category of your offer(s) in two or three words at the top of Comments (below).


Quantity Description Sell at Cost Donate

Give details related to the offer. Please fill at least one row.

For Follow-Up Contact

Name Phone

Identify two persons and phone numbers by which they can be reached for follow-up related to the offer.

Provide additional information related to the offer.

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