Donations Registry

Cash is always the best way to help international disaster victims. Those wishing to donate items in-kind are encouraged to review USAID CIDI‘s Guidelines for Appropriate International Disaster Donations before doing so.  USAID CIDI recognizes the need for specialized volunteers and offers of commodities to be registered and made available to responding relief agencies for consideration. To channel the public’s generosity, USAID CIDI offers a database with offers of Technical or Commodity Assistance. Read below to find out how you can register your goods or services.

Please note, the information you provide will be made available to responding agencies. Registering your offer with USAID CIDI does not guarantee acceptance of your offer.  If an agency wishes to pursue your offer, it will be done directly with you and independently of the USAID CIDI.  Therefore, the USAID CIDI does not track or maintain any information on the status of your offer.

More resources for informed giving

  • CIDI Toolkit


    Demonstrating Smart Compassion: What You Can Do

    You can help to save lives and reduce human suffering after disasters by providing proven guidance within your community, schools, parishes, sororities and fraternities. Sound good? It is enormously good.

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  • Donating to Disaster Relief Toolkit

    Help Where It's
    Needed Most Toolkit

    This toolkit was developed by the AdCouncil to help organizations effectively communcate the benefits of monetary doantions in support of disaster relief efforts.

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  • greatest good donation calculator

    Greatest Good
    Donation Calculator

    How much do you think it costs to send bottled water to Kinshasa? Find out »

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