You can help to save lives and reduce human suffering after disasters by sharing proven guidance within your community, schools, parishes, sororities and fraternities about needs-based assistance and how Smart Compassion does more good for more people more quickly and with less hassle and expense for donors and relief workers. Sound good? It is enormously good. Here are a few tools to get started:

Know What Relief Workers Know

Read USAID CIDI’s Fact Sheet to learn more about the surprising impacts of disaster donations and how to implement the best giving practices on behalf of survivors.

Have a question? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you don’t find your answer there, feel free to email USAID CIDI or call our hotline at 202.821.1999.

Smart Compassion Toolkit

Enlighten Others

Use our template to write a letter to the editor when you read articles in your neighborhood newsletters, community newspapers, or national newspapers about individuals or organizations who are donating unrequested material items. They want to do what’s best, and you can tell them how!

USAID CIDI Sample Letter to the Editor

Repurpose With a Purpose

Learn how to convert unneeded material donations into valuable charitable contributions with USAID CIDI’s “55 Ways to Repurpose a Material Donation“. Share the information and do good locally and internationally.

If fundraising is your thing, check out and share “100 Ways to Raise Funds for International Disaster Relief“. From bake sales to flash mobs, you can have fun while doing good.

These tools in your hands can make a positive difference for people affected by disasters, and for others like you who want to help. Thank you for partnering with us and with relief workers everywhere to save lives and reduce human suffering all over the world.