PSAid Program

PSAid is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest that USAID CIDI has hosted since 2005 that is aimed at U.S. college and university students. In the past, PSAid had three categories – print, radio, and video. The goal of each was to illustrate the importance of supporting international disaster relief through monetary donations to trusted relief agencies, emphasizing the superiority of monetary donations to material donations, including canned food, bottled water and used clothing.

The PSAid contest lets students learn about the importance of thinking critically before engaging in aid efforts and to share what they learned with the public through creative use of media. In return, USAID CIDI has distributed winning entries to television and radio outlets throughout the US, spreading the Cash is Best message in new, meaningful ways while bolstering the students’ experience and resumes.

With a bright new logo and Smart Compassion™ as a tagline, USAID CIDI is expanding the PSAid contest by increasing creative opportunities in three separate contests.



The traditional PSAid contest will continue this year, with a few changes. Video and print categories will remain, but there will be no audio category until further notice. Submissions will be accepted through April 30, 2012, and winners will be announced on or around May 15, 2012. This contest is limited to US college and university students, as their creative energy and the loyalty of their professors in making this contest a part of their curriculum has enabled the national recognition of student PSAs. We regret that we can no longer offer cash prizes, but the contest remains a valuable way for students’ work to be nationally recognized. Official rules and guidelines may be found on the official PSAid site:

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